Award Winning Songwriting & Production Duo


With over 800 million streams under their belt, the Dutch songwriting/production duo The Companions, consisting of Stefan van Leijsen & Sasha Rangas, have had a convincing run so far, having been a part of more than 150 releases in the last four years alone and having received multiple awards.

Stefan and Sasha both studied at the “Rockacademie”, a music college in Tilburg, but didn’t start working together till 2014, when they were in their fourth and third year respectively, and found out how similar their tastes in music were. From that moment they started collaborating more frequently until in mid 2015, when they officially started “The Companions”.

Ever since then, they have been exponentially growing their resume, showcasing their versatility in a wide array of releases. Their credentials reach from “Ze Huilt Maar Ze Lacht” & “Niks Is Heilig” by Maan, to Nona’s breakthrough single “Forever Yours” and follow up singles “Don’t Cry Me A River”, “Better Than Ever” & “Liar”. They also hit number 1 four times in a row in Belgium with “1 Op Een Miljoen” by Metejoor & Babet “Rendez Vous” by Metejoor & Emma Heesters, “Ze Meent Het” by Metejoor and “Dit Is Wat Mijn Mama Zei” by Metejoor. Metejoor’s debut album, on which The Companions did 9 tracks, also came in on number 1 in the album charts. Lastly, “Zij Wil Mij” by FLEMMING, which they co-wrote and co-produced, is currently in the top 10 in the dutch charts.



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